Our Story

Hoi An Student Tours is a locally-owned business which original from the students group in tourism university. Our mission is to help you have the best adventures holiday experience in Hoi An and all over Vietnam.

Hoi An StudentTours is an amazing tour company passionate about what we do and excited to share our amazing country with you. We’re experienced in offering the best day bike tours. Tour the stunning countryside and rolling mountains with us, visit ethnic minority villages, exploring and experience the handicrafts and ancient trades of the local peoples. Each cycling day tour is thoughtfully crafted to give you the best value for your time and money. Our style is flexible that we can customize your trip to be a strong physical adventure. This means that even if you’re only on the bike for a few hours, your adventure will be packed with great riding, the highlights of the destination, and plenty of cultural experiences. We want the experience to exceed your expectations.

Being a bicycle travel company in Vietnam, we are aware of the current state of tourism development, especially in countryside areas such as loss of natural beauty, and cultural identity, is a sad reality of a developing tourism industry. Furthermore, local people are living below the poverty line while their space is being occupied by seemingly wealthy tourists. As a part of our motto of working, and our commitment to responsible travel, we would like to join hands with the local people to help them improve their own lives, preserve the environment of the country, as well as improving the living conditions of the poor local residents. We would like the community to grow with us. Then we continually engage with locals, farmers, family businesses to learn
how we can support to improve their lives.